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Planning meals on a diet, especially keto, can be challenging. You may not know how to design the plate to meet your macros for the day or even have the time or energy at the end of a long day to put something together. That’s where frozen meals come in.

Of course, with any frozen meal, you’ll need to read the label to make sure you’re grabbing something that has a good source of nutrition and is low in sugar and doesn’t have an insane amount of sodium. You’ll also want to be sure it fits in the right calorie range for your goals.

With keto frozen meals, however, you’ll also want to consider carbohydrates, which includes fiber. “When looking for good frozen meals option on the keto diet, you’ll want to look at net carbs (total carbs – fiber),” says Charlotte Martin, M.S., R.D.N.

As for how many grams of net carbs to have on a keto-friendly frozen meal plan, it’ll vary based on the person, as the carb budget might be larger or smaller depending on needs, activity level, and goals.

“However, if you’re looking for a general guideline, in order for a meal or meal replacement to obtain keto certification (through Keto Certified™), they must not contain more than 10g net/effective carbohydrates per serving,” Martin says. Aim for something in that ballpark to make sure you’re eating a truly keto product. Here are 11 delicious, simple keto frozen meals you can warm up and enjoy at home.

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