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With many of us moving far less than we usually would thanks to COVID-19 restrictions, chances are we’re also burning far fewer calories.

Moving less, eating more… You know what comes next, of course. Yep, the dreaded weight gain few of us want or need.

Hoping to shave off a few extra kilos off before emerging from your isolation cocoon? Here are some novel ways you can actually burn more calories each day, even if you’re stuck at home.

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Get your heart rate up early

Metabolism, or the number of calories the body requires each day to function, is largely dependent on how much muscle mass we have, and then how much we move these muscles each day to burn calories.

What we also know is that using these muscles vigorously is a key step in boosting metabolic rate, with the muscles continuing to burn extra calories for several hours after being exercised at high intensity.

This means that an easy way to boost your daily calorie burn is to exercise early in the day, prior to eating and to really get your heart rate up, even for a short period of time. Starting your day with a few exercises in the bedroom, some skipping, or stair running will give your body a powerful metabolic boost for the day ahead.

Add in some caffeine

Woman's hands holding black coffee
Coffee can boost your metabolic rate by 3-11% for a small window after drinking. (iStock)

Caffeine is one of the few known stimulants that results in the energy centre of the cell burning more calories.

While the number of extra calories burnt as a result of caffeine differ widely, with overweight individuals known to benefit to a lesser extent, an increase in metabolic rate ranging from 3-11% in the immediate period after ingestion has been shown to result after caffeine is consumed. This means that you can do a lot worse than starting your day with a strong black coffee when it comes to upping your calorie burn slightly.

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Get up each hour

When it comes to metabolic rate, extended periods of sitting is the worst thing we can do. This means it’s a no-brainer to make a concerted effort to get up from the desk at least once an hour to move around and burn a few calories.

Even better, if you have access to stairs, taking breaks to walk up and down them a few times each hour or two can increase the number of calories you are burning by a couple of hundred each day.

Drink ice-cold water

Cold water
Drinking ice-cold water actually burns more calories than regular water. Who knew! (iStock)

We are regularly told that we need to drink more water, but a way to not only optimise hydration but also metabolic rate is to enjoy your water icy.

A glass of iced water takes the body up to 7 calories per glass to burn, as it requires the body to work hard to increase the temperature of the water to body temperature — so drinking water straight from the fridge can be a neat little weight loss hack.

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