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Bayern’s superb treble-winning season saw them swat away opponents with ease. Undoubtedly the most terrifying club in Europe, Bayern’s victorious campaign is still resonating in the hearts and minds of fans the world over. The team played some of the best football we’ve ever seen, and fought as a bunch of gladiators under the guidance of Lord Flick.

However, what we must definitely not overlook is the fact that the players have been undergoing massive transformations in terms of body fitness levels, too. The squad quite literally looks like a group of gladiators from ancient Rome, ready to jump into the Colosseum that is the pitch and tear their opponents apart.

Caution: the content in this article can be extremely sensual. Please prepare yourselves mentally before proceeding.

Mr. Poland

We’ve always known Lewandowski to be a fitness freak, so we can get the obvious out of the way first. On the pitch, he is an absolute tank: spearheading the attack, omnipresent in the midfield and pitching in some tackles in the final third to win the ball and create a tactical advantage – it is no secret that Lewandowski is the best striker in the world. He’s also a remarkable athlete, keeping his fitness levels very high with a carefully designed diet plan by famous nutritionist Anna, who (you guessed it right) also happens to be his wife.

His bulging muscles and well defined abs make him look like chiseled granite. His own lifestyle, along with Bayern’s own fitness team have helped him attain superhuman levels of health and strength.

However, Lewandowski has always been this dedicated, so you might still not be convinced of the wonders the FC Bayern fitness team can do. Now, we will take a look at the metamorphosis of some players the past year, and even you won’t believe the change they’ve undergone.

The BIG Transformations

Leon Goretzka joined Bayern from Schalke as a lithe, quick player who could thrive in the attacking third with his well timed runs and his ability to get into tight spaces. He came in as a lean player, possibly lacking a bit with regards to the physique required to challenge the best midfielders in the BL.

Fast forward a year, and we have an unprecedented intervention in European football: the lockdown, courtesy of Covid-19. You could say Goretzka utilized his time a bit too well. Constantly in touch with fitness coach Holger Broich, Goretzka designed a diet and workout plan that has him looking like the Hulk, hence the nickname “Hulkretzka”.

According to my expert opinion, he’s been having a lot of Schnitzel and Geschnetzeltes. Others argue that it’s the whey powder. Some feel it’s the “pasta with ketchup” habit that’s doing the magic. I guess we’ll have to ask…

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