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9 Smart ways to maintain a fast metabolism as you age – Health News Today – Nasqhino
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Health News Today

9 Smart ways to maintain a fast metabolism as you age – Health News Today


Our metabolism is key for weight loss and management. But this process tends to slow down as we age and as a result, we start to gain weight. So, follow these ways to maintain your metabolism as you start to age.

A fast metabolism is key to burn calories effectively. So, for weight loss, enhanced metabolism rate is a must. There are several ways to boost your metabolism that will eventually aid in your weight loss program. Some of the ways are drinking cold water, having more proteins, lifting heavy things, doing a high-intensity workout, standing or walking often, having green tea, etc.

But no matter what we do, our metabolic rate slows down as we age. Once we hit our thirties, it becomes more difficult to burn calories due to weak metabolism process. So, during the ageing process, along with maintaining weight, we need to maintain fast metabolism as well. Here’s how can you do that.

Here”s how to maintain a fast-metabolic rate as you age:

1. Protein, fat, carbohydrate (PFC) are the pillars of nutrition that have to be in every meal. So, the best way to boost your metabolism is to take all three in a perfect balance. Meals with the right proportions of PFC help to regulate blood sugar and increase metabolism.

2. If you think that eating multiple times a day will be bad for your health, it’s just the opposite. Snacking between your meals helps to reduce your hunger at mealtimes. And when you have snacks often, then it keeps your blood sugar level in control and increases metabolic rate. So, eat every few hours.

3. Stop counting your daily calorie intake. When you’re cutting out your calorie intake, our body actually fights back and conserves more energy slowing down the metabolism. So, stop thinking too much about your calorie intake.  

4. Eat healthy and filling breakfast. Out metabolic function slows down during our sleep that’s why we need to eat heavy protein-rich breakfast. Protein has amino acids in it, which is hard to break down for our body. So, it causes more calorie burn.

5. Hydration is a key for a fast metabolic rate. It detoxifies your body and helps you burn more calories. So, keep yourself hydrated otherwise your metabolic rate will slow down.

6. Fibre has zero-calorie. It improves your gut health, digestion system and increases metabolism. So, add beans to your regular diet. Beans have both protein and fibre that will burn more calories, thus increasing metabolism.

7. Drink Oolong tea because the antioxidant in it helps to boost metabolism.

8. Consumption of fats doesn’t cause weight gain, but you have to choose the right type of fat. Monosaturated fats increase metabolic rate without any decrease in calories.

9. Don’t skip your snacks because when you don’t eat anything in your snacking time, the body learns to live in starvation mode and it then adjusts and compensates. It then makes you overeat during your mealtime. So, have mainly fats or carbohydrates in your snacking time.


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