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Ohio’s COVID nursing home deaths clustered in 25% of facilities – News – Akron – Health News Today


At least 250 nursing homes in Ohio have had residents die due to COVID-19 or its combination with other health problems.

The deaths were concentrated in a quarter of those facilities, accounting for 60% of all coronavirus fatalities in the state’s nursing homes, a USA TODAY NETWORK analysis of federal data shows. Nursing homes have held the majority of the state’s coronavirus deaths, Ohio records show.

The Cincinnati Enquirer made the analysis of federal data after Ohio officials refused to identify nursing homes where residents have died. The federal database only includes about 60% of all the 2,710 deaths at nursing homes and other congregate care facilities in the state. That’s because of a loophole that didn’t require nursing homes to report deaths before May 1 — and because the federal data doesn’t include assisted living or group care homes.

Nursing homes account for 64% of all of Ohio’s coronavirus deaths.

The analysis of the federal data also reveals:

• Four nursing homes had per capita death rates so high that 1 of every 2 residents succumbed to the coronavirus. The facilities are located in Wayne, Coshocton, Monroe and Ottawa counties.

• Fourteen facilities had more than 20 deaths. One of them had 42, another 30.

• Nineteen workers at 10 nursing homes have died due to the coronavirus.

• A quarter of the nursing homes with deaths had only one fatality.

• Two nursing homes that have had at least 10 deaths are candidates to be placed on the federal government’s special focus facility list of nursing homes. The list is for facilities with a history of poor care.

This is the first time the full list of the 240 plus nursing homes with deaths has been published.

Twelve facilities in Summit County reported a total of 92 resident deaths, according to the database.

As of Thursday, Summit County Public Health reported 177 deaths residing in long-term care facilities, or nearly 74% of the county’s 240 total COVID-19 deaths. The county health department doesn’t identify long-term care facilities that have had deaths, only the total number of deaths in the facilities.

The database didn’t include Akron’s Ohio Living Rockynol, where Kipp Lyons, who died April 22 from complications of COVID-19, was an activities coordinator.

The Colony Healthcare Center in Tallmadge has had 26 deaths. Colony was one of the first long-term care facilities in the area to test all of its residents. The database shows 61 of its 75 residents tested positive.

Pebble Creek in Green had 23 deaths, health records show. The database shows 42 of its 119 residents tested positive.

Both Colony and Pebble Creek are operated by the CommuniCare Family of Companies.

Fred Stratmann, general counsel and chief compliance officer for CommuniCare, said both Colony and Pebble Creek have respiratory care programs. A disease that affects people’s respiratory systems, like COVID-19, is likely to be more deadly in those facilities, where residents already have…

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