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Actress and model Kate Upton is constantly challenging herself in the gym with the help of her trainer Ben Bruno. She’s mastered the landmine reverse lunge, the landmine deadlift, and Romanian deadlifts. Previously, she hit a new PR with Bruno, doing 12 hip thrust reps at a weight of 205 pounds.

But time has passed, and Upton is ready for even more advanced glute work. She’s progressed from the standard variation of the movement to a less stable single-leg, staggered stance hip thrust.

“This is badass. @kateupton did six staggered-stance hip thrusts on each leg with 205 pounds. That’s so strong!” Bruno wrote in his caption for the post.

He went on to detail how Kate worked her way up to this achievement by using weight and equipment she had at home.

“…after she worked up to doing bilateral hip thrusts for sets of 15 reps with ease over the past few months of quarantine, we switched to a staggered-stance,” he wrote. Want to improve your own bilateral hip thrusts? Check out this guide to better form.

Bruno is a huge fan of this version of the movement for strong glutes.

“I love this exercise because it functions as an intermediary between bilateral hip thrusts and single leg hip thrusts. I’d guess that about 75% of the weight is on the leg closest to the body, but the other leg provides a little stability and makes it so the bar doesn’t tip, allowing you to use substantially more weight than true single leg hip thrusts,” he wrote. “Anecdotally, the staggered stance also helps avoid overarching at the lumbar spine, which means more stress on the glutes (where we want it) and less stress on the lower back.”

He finished by complimenting Upton’s hard work and discipline in the gym. Plus, he shared that her dog, Harley, is always there to provide a spot, just in case.

“I also love how @therealharleyupton just sits there two inches from the heavy bar and doesn’t even flinch. He’s at every workout helping make sure that Kate uses good form.”

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