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Tamra Judge Shared Her Exact “Booty Workout” for a Sculpted Lower Body at 53 – Health News Today


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  • Tamra Judge, 53, just shared a “booty workout” to Instagram.
  • The Real Housewives alum does squats, lunges, and sled pushes for sculpted glutes.
  • Judge has previously opened up about her fitness routine.

Tamra Judge is no stranger to the gym, and her latest “booty workout” Instagram video proves it. On Tuesday, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star shared some clips from her recent personal training session at one of her CUT Fitness gyms, which she co-owns with husband Eddie Judge.

In the video, Judge started her workout with a jump squat variation, in which she crossed her legs and alternated sides each time she landed. Next, she targeted her glutes with kneel-to-stand lunges, once again switching sides with each rep.

The third exercise was intense. Judge did weighted sled pushes. (If you’ve ever tried this, you know just how hard it works your entire body.) Finally, she used resistance bands as she performed side lunges, which sculpt the outer glutes and help to stabilize the hips.

In the comments, people asked Judge how she’s able to work so hard following her emergency hernia repair surgery in 2016. She admitted that it “hurts to bend over” at times, but staying active is still a priority.

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“Yes, I have double layers of mesh. It’s annoying and uncomfortable!” she wrote. “I’ve been feeling pain lately and need to go in, worried I have another hernia. You should bind your stomach for support while working out. Maybe do lighter weight, more reps to burn out your muscle vs. lifting heavy.”

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In July, Judge also shared that she was seriously overhauling her diet. “I’ve cut carbs. No sugar! Limited alcohol, reduced my caloric intake 😋 upped my cardio, upped my protein!” she wrote on Instagram. “Current body fat is higher than I’d like it to be, but that will change with consistency. First week sucks but I’m motivated.”

Looks like her hard work is paying off!

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