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The mental health of employees has been a very real concern amid the pandemic, as professionals grapple with remote work, childcare, virtual schooling, taking care of sick loved ones and finding a break from constant video meetings. But burnout in the ad world was happening long before COVID-19 lockdowns. Some agencies are using this time to rethink work-life balance and prioritize mental health (October is Mental Health Awareness Month). Atlanta-based agency Dagger, for example, is rolling out new benefits and protocols to help support work-life harmony.

“The focus on supporting mental health is critical. I am glad the pandemic has made that come to the surface a little more, but it is too bad it took the pandemic for it to come to the surface,” says Missy Taylor, chief operations officer, Dagger. “There needs to be a shift in our industry and a focus on what it takes to support the mental health of the team. The agency business can be taxing but also rewarding and fulfilling. We need to figure out how to harmonize those two things.”

Taylor says it takes intentional effort by the organization to create psychological safety where employees feel OK to raise their hands if they need more support.

To help combat mental fatigue and burnout, Dagger is giving employees a mental health stipend in the the form of a $200 Amex gift card, which they can put toward therapy sessions, a subscription to Headspace, pay for their internet connection or whatever it is that makes their lives easier. The agency also implemented half-day Fridays in September to give staffers an opportunity to rest and recharge, whether that means spending time with family or planning for the week ahead. Half-day Fridays will continue through the remainder of the year.

Because there are so few places to go and many are not going on vacations, Taylor says when employees do take days off they are often pulled back into work. To help combat this and give them the chance to unplug, Dagger will adopt two new company holidays where the entire office will be closed. This does not include election day, which will also be a paid holiday this year to allow employees the time to vote.

While Dagger’s offices are open for a maximum of 10 employees on any given day who can come in if they so choose, for the most part the agency is still working remotely. Taylor says they will most likely continue to do so until there is a vaccine. In the interim, Dagger is looking to keep human connection alive with socially distanced company events such as a drive-in movie in the agency’s parking lot.

According to a new study by Oracle and Workplace Intelligence, an HR research and advisory firm, 70% of people, unsurprisingly, have had more stress and anxiety at work this year than any other previous year. The new pressures presented by the pandemic have been layering on top of everyday workplace stressors like meeting performance standards and juggling unmanageable workloads. Not…

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