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“When your child [needs help], like mine who when was eight years old was trying to throw himself out of a moving vehicle, it’s not acceptable to be told that you can get an appointment in two weeks.”

During Saturday’s campaign stop, Meili also acknowledged that Moe had earlier made a public appearance in Prince Albert on Saturday morning.

Meili challenged not what Moe did say during the Sask Party leader’s Saturday morning appearance, but on what Moe did not say.

“We understand that Mr. Moe was here today and once again had the opportunity to commit to a bridge for Prince Albert—this is a city that we know needs a second bridge. He had an opportunity to commit to a proper rebuild of the hospital and did neither, and once again taking Prince Albert for granted.

“We need a government that understands how important P.A. is for all of Saskatchewan, for the north, and will be willing to build that bridge and hospital with companies right from Saskatchewan.”

Meili added that mental health emergency rooms would also be built in Saskatoon, Regina, and Moose Jaw. The NDP is also planning to invest $5 million in a suicide prevention strategy, providing funding to hire mental health supports in classrooms, funding an opioid and crystal meth strategy, and increasing addiction support by $10 million.

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