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In the wide, wide world of diets, many eating plans sell themselves on one big factor: They’re new!

It’s rare that you have a diet that is both of-the-moment and has been around for a bit. But that’s what happened when Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss, went on the Optavia Diet about a year ago and said he lost about 35 pounds.

If the Optavia Diet sounds familiar, it’s not because it sounds like the name of a Ursula K. Le Guin novel (you’re probably thinking of The Lathe of Heaven). It’s because the Optavia Diet has been around for, like, 40 years.

My best guess is that Buddy was digging around his archives for his trusty ol’ red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting recipe and stumbled upon a newspaper clipping for the Optavia Diet, maybe even perhaps thinking it was a review of The Lathe of Heaven, which he had always been meaning to read, and then he read closer and had a bunch of questions.

Questions such as: What is the Optavia Diet? Can the Optavia Diet help me lose weight? Is the Optavia Diet healthy? What can I eat on the Optavia Diet? Can I eat cake on the Optavia Diet? And where is that damned red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting recipe anyway???

And so Buddy, after doing his diligent research, and perhaps sick of being prodded by his publicist to get back into the news somehow, decided to go on the Optavia Diet and lose some weight.

Here, I’m assuming, are the answers Buddy found.

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What is the Optavia Diet?

It’s basically a meal delivery service.

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Yes, it’s created with the help of a credentialed advisory board. Yes, the meals (or, ahem, “Fuelings”) are designed to restrict calories while providing nutrients. Yes, it’s convenient. But Optavia, in its structure, is very similar to Nutrisystem or the more modern Kettlebell Kitchen, in which the company ships you prepared meals and you eat those prepared meals.

Optavia offers more than 60 food options (excuse me, “Fuelings,” geez) to choose from, including oh-so-exciting delicacies as “Beef Stew,” “Chicken Cacciatore,” “Turkey Meatball Marinara,” and I’m sorry if you just fell asleep.

Can the Optavia Diet help me lose weight?

Well, here’s the tricky thing. Any diet involving calorie restriction may help you lose weight. In the short term.

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If you go from a diet heavy in calorie-dense foods, a diet that includes a lot of (let’s just pick a totally random example here) red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, to a diet that includes a lot of, ahem, beef stew in small portions, well then you’re going to reduce your calorie intake and lose weight. In the short term.

What about in the long term? That’s entirely on you.


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