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By Hannah Nelson

– Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is promoting mental healthcare and improving access to care as one of the most turbulent years in recent American history winds down.

The statement, which does not include any new programming or benefits from the payer, outlines the existing platforms on which patients may access care and receive help for mental health concerns.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana provides mental healthcare services such as behavioral health telehealth appointments, health coaches, online resources for stress management, and a 24/7 support helpline. These virtual resources improve access to care for members during the global pandemic.

Members can access BlueCare, the payer’s telehealth platform, to have online appointments with both medical providers and behavioral health providers. Behavioral health providers through BlueCare can help patients cope with anxiety, stress, depression, grief, relationship troubles, substance abuse, and life transitions without having to leave home during the pandemic.

Another remote mental health resource available to Blue Cross and Blue Shield members is the New Directions Emotional Support Hotline, a free and confidential helpline staffed by trained professionals ready to help with any mental health concerns. New Directions is an independent vendor that provides services for Blue Cross and Blue Shield and its subsidiaries.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield also offers a free health coaching service to provide extra support for members suffering from acute injuries or long-term illnesses. BCBS health coaches work one-on-one with members to connect them with healthcare providers in their network and develop skills to cope with a diagnosis. They also connect members with support groups and community resources.

The payer uses its social media presence on a variety of platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to provide members with information on mental health during this stressful time.

On the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana YouTube channel,  social workers share tips for coping with stress and depression. These videos are available on the “STRONGER THAN EVER Care Team Programs” playlist.

Social worker Avis Brown hosts a monthly “Motivated Mindset” live stream on the payer’s Facebook page where she shares tools and resources to help members cope with stress and meet the challenges of living through this turbulent time in history.

Some months, the broadcast is set up as a Q & A which allows members to become directly involved in the discussion and feel a bit more connected to other people in this potentially isolating time of American history.

In addition to the various online resources aimed at helping members cope with mental health concerns, Blue Cross and…

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