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Delaware Gyms and Fitness Centers Now Must Require Masks, Even D – Health News Today


DELAWARE – It’s getting even harder to get your workout fix under Delaware’s newest coronavirus restrictions. Gyms and fitness centers now must require masks at all times, even while using cardio equipment.

Craig Riddick from Flex World Fitness in Georgetown said he’s heard people’s frustrations with the new mask mandates.

“Yes, all the time, all the time. I mean, we’re human so we’re gonna get like that but, we try to enforce it, and do the best we can as a whole, so I think we’ll be fine. If everybody pulls together, we’ll be fine,” he said.

He said Flex World will have to be diligent in enforcing the mask rule, for everyone’s safety.

“At the get-go, we gotta tell them, be sure you wear a mask at all times, even cardio, working out, even going to the bathrooms and stuff like that,” Riddick said.

Virus restrictions have especially impacted smaller fitness centers. Sara Rowley from Sea Barre Sea Cycle in Lewes said they were able to think outside the box to make sure their members get the exercise they need in a COVID world.

She said, “We were up and running virtually within 48 hours when we were first shut down. So people can choose to work out at home or with us in here, and we’re going to continue to keep that going. We have people now who have come to us, and now they live back in New York and DC, and they’re continuing to work out with us every day virtually.”

Even with the tighter restrictions, Rowley says she is glad they have the community’s unwavering support.

“Everyone has been super supportive because as the end of the day, they know that we’re just a community that wants to do right by our people and we just want to offer a great service. And if we’re going to have to wear a mask to do so, that’s what we’re gonna do,” she said.

Governor Carney’s new mask restrictions for gyms and fitness centers come into effect on Monday, Nov. 23.

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