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Contains almost all the essential nutrients needed for children – Health News Today – Nasqhino
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Health News Today

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Contains almost all the essential nutrients needed for children – Health News Today


Rich in nutrients, milk is one of the best choices to complement a child’s diet and promote healthy growth and development.

When we talk about milk, various types come to mind: fresh milk, full-cream milk, UHT milk and flavoured milk.

A child can consume these milk variants as they all contain the needed nutrients.

It should however be emphasised that low-fat milk and skim-med milk are not recommended for children.

This is as removing fat from milk also removes some important nutrients such as fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins.

Parents can also consider giving their toddlers or pre-school children milk formulated for kids.

Formulated milk powder for children (FMPC) is available for children of different ages and is fortified with various nutrients.

Today, both parents in many families take up full-time jobs to make ends meet.

Thus, they may be too busy or do not have the opportunity to provide a balanced diet for their kids.

These growing children are left to the care of their grandparents, nannies or daycare centres.

These caregivers may overlook the nutritional requirements of the children or give in to their unhealthy requests.

Because of this, kids may develop poor dietary habits by frequently having a high intake of sugar, salt, fat and oil, or insufficient fruits and vegetables.

Picky eaters may face even more severe nutritional consequences if parents fail to pay attention to their diet while they are still young.

Under such circumstances, FMPC can be recommended as part of the child’s daily diet, in order to help fill the nutrient gaps that arise from a poor diet.

FMPC, previously referred to as “growing-up formula”, is made based on the nutritional requirements (nutritionists call these recommended nutrient intake or RNI) for growing children aged one to nine.

These products are also fortified with various nutrients and other food components to enhance their nutritional value.

Standardised nutrients

The Food Regulations 1985 has stipulated that every FMPC product follow a standard in terms of quality and nutrient content in order to meet the nutritional needs of growing children.

It must contain a specified concentration of fat and protein, a minimum amount of energy, and a number of vitamins and minerals.

Thus, FMPC is a good source of various essential nutrients that are typically present in milk, such as protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and several vitamins like D, A, B12 and B2.

To further enhance its nutritional value, it may contain increased concentrations of certain nutrients, as well as have added nutrients and other food components that are not usually found in milk in significant amounts.

Here are some examples:

  • Vitamin D – helps boost calcium absorption and promotes bone growth.
  • Vitamin A – essential for vision, healthy skin and the immune system.
  • Iron – prevents anaemia and is an important…

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