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As intense and rewarding as the Mike Tyson bodyweight workout is – and that story has had nearly one million readers, so we know people like it – there is another that is possibly even more intense. Or at least intense in a different way. It’s the Arnold Schwarzenegger full body workout. Eight weeks of extreme discomfort that might make you as toned and, well, massive as Arnie in his prime.

Do you want to get big arms this winter? Good. How about a big chest? And big legs, big thighs, big head, big personality… big everything basically. Who better to teach you than The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. No, this is not a feature about how to build muscle over 70 – almost unbelievably, Arnie is now 73 years old – this is a workout from the peak of Arnie’s movie star days when he was The Terminator, Dutch in The Predator and most famous of all, Kindergarten Cop.

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