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Biden can beat COVID with better immigration policies – Health News Today


Ramu Kharel is an emergency medicine attending physician at Miriam Hospital in Providence and a global emergency fellow at Brown University. 

Shortly before Thanksgiving, Rhode Island experienced its deadliest day of the pandemic since June. At Miriam Hospital, where I’m an emergency medicine doctor, I was witnessing these numbers firsthand. During this second wave, my colleagues and I spend long, jam-packed shifts running between patients.

And we’re not the only ones. Health-care providers around the country are stretched thin. COVID is to blame, of course. But so are staff shortages. As hospital beds fill up, there aren’t enough doctors and nurses to go around. 

That’s why President Trump’s persistent attempts to ban legal immigrants — including thousands of health-care workers — is so maddening. It’s unfair to the frontline workers like us, who are risking their lives to save lives. And it’s unfair to our patients, who deserve more from the world’s most advanced medical system. If President-elect Joe Biden is truly serious about combatting the pandemic, he must understand that health policy and immigration policy go hand-in-hand. America needs more health-care professionals and that means we must reopen our doors. 

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