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52 people say they have ‘no confidence’ in Maine mental health agency’s leader – Health News Today


Fifty-two former employees, board members, current and past volunteers and community members sent a letter to the NAMI Maine board of directors last week to express their strong disapproval of the nonprofit’s leader, mounting pressure for the board to address allegations that Jenna Mehnert’s “abusive” management style has caused rampant turnover at the agency.

The letter also urged officials with NAMI’s national organization, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, to conduct “a thorough assessment” of the Maine chapter’s board of directors because of their failure to adequately respond to complaints about Mehnert that employees raised for years.

The call to action comes as the state’s most prominent mental health advocacy agency has undertaken a series of steps to look into the workplace conditions that 15 former employees described in an Oct. 30 Bangor Daily News investigation of Mehnert’s treatment of staff.

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