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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – While 2020 has been pretty terrible, it has certainly been worse for some than others.

“When I’m talking to people, they don’t understand why they are feeling things as deeply as they are,” said Kit Nowell. She is a family therapist in the Triangle.

Nowell said the pandemic has brought out deep-rooted emotions from as far back as childhood that even the least affected by COVID-19 are feeling.

“A lot of what we’re discovering is long-held things that haven’t been processed — haven’t been processed through body, haven’t been felt, haven’t seen the light of day — and they need to in order for us to work through them,” Nowell said.

Nowell said people are trying to understand what non-traditional mourning actually is. Many Americans are dealing with loss — loss of jobs and money, and a place to sleep and something to eat. Loss of space as homes become the workplace and the classroom. Loss of business. Loss of safety to be in public places. Loss of life and loss of certainty.

“But we’re talking about a way of life. About expectations, about plans for our future, that we don’t really know how anything is going to unfold,” Nowell said.

New vaccines have brought hope. But, for millions, that is months away. That includes months to let worries and woes fester or come to a head.

“What I really want to encourage people to do is hold themselves with some self-compassion and understand that we’re all pretty much doing the best we can,” Nowell said “And that’s enough. That’s OK. We’ve just got to get through this.”

If you feel you need help or someone you love does, call the Hope4NC helpline at 1-855-587-3463.

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